What is the Best Portable Charger (Power Bank)? – Opinions, Reviews

Let me ask you a question: how many times have you thought about buying a portable charger, but you couldn’t decide which one to take?Don’t worry anymore! We are here to help you.

In this article, we put together a list of the 4 best 2019 portable chargers (power banks) to make your choice easier.

All you have to do is keep reading.

What is the best portable charger (power bank)?

Anker A1271011 – Our recommendation

Anker A1271011 Review
Anker A1271011

Product Name: Anker A1271011

Product Description: Portable battery Anker A1271011 – a powerful device that allows you to charge smartphones, laptops, tablets and e-books even when you are away from the mains. The battery is in the housing 3 of the connector, whereby it is possible to connect simultaneously to 2 devices. The model has a whole range of various options, which extends its service life: protection against overcharging, deep discharge, short circuit.

Brand: Anker

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The portable battery has an unprecedented capacity to date – 20000 mAh, whereby can charge a smartphone or tablet up to 5-6 full cycles without needing to be connected to the mains. Due to the fact that the output current reaches 2 A, mobile devices quickly replenish the resource.

  • For traveling
  • Battery life
  • Charging power
  • Portability
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  • Charging capacity: 20 100 mAh
  • Total output amperage of 4.8A, deliverable up to a maximum of 2.4A per single output (max 2 usable outputs)
  • Quick top-up thanks to high amperage
  • Recharge capacity of only 10 hours, thanks to an output amperage of 2A
  • Portable charger able to recharge smartphones, tablets and other devices even 5-7 times with a single charge
  • 3 outputs: 2 USB and 1 USB Type-C which acts as an input / output for charging
  • Power IQ: ability to identify the connected device and optimize the charging speed in a safe manner
  • VoltageBoost: ability to adapt the amount of current delivered to the type of cable used, guaranteeing a constant flow of current: more stable current and faster recharging
  • Complete protection of portable battery charger and connected device (including protection against temperature rise)
  • Maximum compatibility with all devices: smartphone, tablet, iphone


  • Size and weight, which do not make it very comfortable to carry in your pocket
  • The Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is missing

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RAVPower RP-PB41 – The largest capacity

RAVPower RP-PB41 Review
RAVPower RP-PB41

Product Name: RAVPower RP-PB41

Product Description: The integrated system of lithium-ion elements allows the device to accumulate up to 96.5 W∙h of energy, which is enough for 4-5 charges of a typical flagship smartphone of the 2019 model year. In addition, the powerbank battery RAVPower RP-PB41 allows you to charge bluetooth headphones and speakers, smart watches, multimedia players, tablets, compact photo and action cameras, fitness bracelets, bookreaders, navigators and even some laptop models. It is recommended for users who often need to charge 2-3 devices.

Brand: RAVPower

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Powerful mobile power bank-ultra-high capacity battery with the ability to charge up to three devices in parallel. It is positioned as a product of the middle price category, has good overall characteristics of the plastic body and moderate weight (456 g). Designed to extend the operation of gadgets in situations involving premature discharge of the built-in battery.

  • For traveling
  • Battery life
  • Charging power
  • Portability
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  • High charging power, well 26 800 mAh
  • Not excessive recharging time, only 13h for a recharge from 0 to 100
  • Up to 9 days of autonomy, with the possibility of recharging your devices several times
  • 4 ports available: 2 standard USB, a MicroUSB and a Type-C
  • Maximum 5.5A charging output, with a maximum of 2.4A for each single port
  • You can simultaneously charge multiple devices with this external charger
  • Portable charger with iSmart 2.0 Technology that allows you to adapt the power supply to the device, reducing recharge times
  • Protection against overcurrents, overheating: maximum safety and improves battery life
  • Quality and safety, also guaranteed by brands such as RoHS, a quality index
  • Rich and elegant package, with two cables and a comfortable bag


  • In the endowment it would have been useful to also include a Type-C cable, given the best features of this type of door
  • The size and weight of this power bank are quite important

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AUKEY – Best value for money

AUKEY USB C Power Bank Review
AUKEY USB C Power Bank

Product Name: AUKEY Power Bank

Product Description: Now it is impossible to imagine the world without smartphones or other portable devices, including wearable. Trillions of bytes spread around the world instantly, allowing the user to watch photos, videos, create them, communicate, draw, play, learn and more... And we know that often the battery charge of the device is not enough to sustain our active day. That is why, compact assistants were created — external batteries, and aukey they are also "smart". High-capacity AUKEY USB C Power Bank 20000 mAh differs primarily incredible compactness, despite the high battery capacity, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go, because it can fit even in the pocket of your pants. It is a great companion in hiking, traveling and everyday life!

Brand: AUKEY

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The maximum power that the battery can give is 3 Amperes, minimum 1.5 Amperes. This allows you to charge your smartphones and tablets twice as fast as conventional batteries. Many small chips inside protect the battery and the device from overcharging and power surges. Intelligent technology checks the output current power, and automatically turns off the output current when exceeding the limits, thus protecting the device from damage.

  • For traveling
  • Battery life
  • Charging power
  • Portability
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  • Excellent charging capacity, as much as 20 000 mAh
  • It can recharge iphone or other mobile phone even more than 5 times
  • Perfect for recharging iOS devices, thanks to the use of the lightning cable
  • External portable charger with AiPower technology, able to recognize the connected device and adapt the amount of current supplied
  • Implemented with protection systems to avoid overload, overheating and overcurrent
  • Equipped with two USB ports that can each supply up to a maximum of 2.4A each
  • You can recharge two devices at the same time
  • Easy to use
  • With a comfortable bag with a pocket for the container
  • Portable charger with an excellent quality / price ratio


  • The dimensions are certainly not reduced (although it is normal for a product with this capacity)
  • It has few states and details that indicate the battery level
  • It has only 2 USB ports

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AKEEM – The most ecofriendly

AKEEM Power Bank Review

Product Name: AKEEM Power Bank

Product Description: AKEEM Power Bank has an unprecedented capacity (24,000 mAh), making it a suitable choice for travel. It is able to charge your smartphone or tablet up to 5-6 cycles. The model has a universal purpose, as it is equipped with microUSB type connectors. The device can charge up to 3 tablets or smartphones at the same time.

Brand: AKEEM

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Due to the selected material of manufacture, the device received strength and durability from the manufacturer. The unprecedented capacity of the model (24000 mAh) makes it irreplaceable: it can charge smartphones and tablets up to 5-6 times without requiring connection to the mains. It should also be noted that there are 3 universal USB-ports in the battery case, which allows you to replenish the energy resource of 3 devices at the same time.

  • For traveling
  • Battery life
  • Charging power
  • Portability
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  • Portable charger with large capacity, well 24 000 mAh
  • Equipped with 3 USB ports
  • With 2 incoming ports, 1 MicroUSB (with 2.1A charging) and Lightining
  • Each output USB port delivers up to 2.4A of power
  • Power bank able to regulate the power supplied based on the type and needs of the connected device
  • Protection against current overloads, excessive charging (turns off when the connected device (s) are charged), overheating
  • It can load multiple devices at the same time
  • Charge speed: 10 / 11h (with MicroUSB port)
  • With solar panel with 8% conversion capacity
  • Excellent value for money


  • The solar panel does not have a very high capacity and is not sufficient for a complete recharge
  • It would have been helpful to include a carry bag and an additional charging cable
  • It is quite heavy, in line with other power banks with equal capacity

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Factors to consider when you are about to buy a portable charger

The offer of portable battery chargers on the market is very wide, but how can you figure out which of the best power banks do you need? What are the factors to consider when you want to buy a power bank?

Continue to follow us because now we will deepen the most important of these factors.

When you consider the various purchase options, ask yourself: am I looking for a portable charger for everyday use? Therefore, it does not require extreme charging power. Or do I need products that you can support, maybe a whole weekend and even more?

Once this is done, also consider the dimensions: if you think you want to carry the portable charger in your pocket you have to orient yourself on slim or small models, so even the power will not be maximum. Finally the price: how much do you want or can you spend?

Put all this information together, narrow the field and then read the reviews of customers who are already using that power bank to get more details on how to use the product. The opinions of other users act as a real test.

But let’s not get lost in small talk! Are you ready? Please take notes!


One of the most important values ​​that you will need to take into consideration when considering a purchase is certainly its capacity. The capacity of a portable charger means the power, the maximum amount of charge that it is able to accumulate and it is measured in mAh. The greater the value, the greater its capacity to recharge a device several times.

To understand how many times a portable charger is able to charge a device you have to compare its capacity with that of the battery to be recharged. If, for example, a battery has a power of around 2 000 mAh, it can be recharged 3/4 times with a 10 000 mAh power bank. This is the best way to start understanding what your real needs are.

If you want to have a portable charger that can recharge your device for many days, surely you have to go on models with greater capacity. Clearly the greater the capacity of a portable charger and the higher its purchase price and also its weight and overall dimensions.

Another point related to the power you need to keep in mind is that the power value quoted, whether 2 000 mAh, 10 000 mAh or 24 000 mAh, are nominal values ​​that often correspond to an effective charging capacity of 15/20% . In this case the reviews (or tests) will be very useful because often users report, by experience, the number of times they have been able to reload their device. The best portable chargers will be those with the best performance.

Actual yield is not always linked to the brand. As we have also seen in our special ranking of the best power banks, you can find very high yields in products with a less known brand.

Ampere in Input

To get a better idea of ​​what the charging times of your portable charger are, you need to check the current input intensity value. You can have an input value of 2A, but power banks with a value of 1 or even 0.5A are still widespread. Once you know the value of the input voltage it is sufficient to divide the maximum nominal charge of the battery and divide it by this value and you will know how long it takes your charger to charge.

Recently, the best power banks have appeared on the market with input as high as 3A.

In all cases the percentage of charge is usually indicated by LEDs in different ways: by varying the number of LEDs lit or by changing their color. Some portable chargers even have a display, which certainly provides a better display of the charge values.

The inputs for the input can be: via USB or micro-USB, therefore with a wall socket, through photovoltaic panels (portable solar battery charger) or with a dynamo (not very common) that are recharged through a knob. The first are those with the highest yield, so the best compromise could be a power bank that includes a double charging mode.

Ampere in Output

In addition to the intensity of the input current it is also important to evaluate the intensity of the current output from the portable charger because it is the one that will give you a better idea of ​​the charging time of your device. Most chargers have one or more 1 or 2 A output ports, although many of the best power banks have outputs of up to 2.4A. The higher the output amperage the faster the charge will be.

To know how much current, in terms of Ampere, is able to deliver a charger, it is not enough to add the maximum power that can be supplied by the outputs. In fact, the one indicated is the maximum output value that can be supplied by each individual output, but often the total that can be delivered as a whole must be indicated by the manufacturer. Often the total payable is 3.4A or 5.4A (based on the total number of exits available).

In all cases, to make the best choice, always remember to also check the features of the devices you want to upload, so you will have a better idea of ​​the output you need.

Number of USB ports

At this point ask yourself a question: for how many devices will you mostly use the portable charger? If you use it especially for your smartphone, the best choice is definitely a power bank with a single USB output.

But if you need to recharge smartphones, electronic cigarettes and / or fit watches, then surely the best choice is a portable charger with 2 or more USB ports (you can easily find chargers with 4 outputs). What you need to pay attention to in this case is both the power of the portable charger, which must certainly be high, and the maximum output supported by each port, in addition to the overall output. Some portable chargers have equivalent ports, others have ports with different maximum capacity.

Output USB ports can be implemented with fast charge technology, which reduces battery recharge times. They can be more recent USB Type-C type ports: higher charging speed, but they are compatible only with Type-C cables: it is present in the best power banks, especially the most recent ones. The best ports are Smart, that is, they adapt the amount of energy delivered to the needs and characteristics of the battery connected to it, thus avoiding overloading and therefore degradation.


The portability of a portable charger is a feature that you must definitely consider, especially if you plan to always carry it in your pocket. If you turn your attention to high-powered power banks, don’t expect small or light products. If you have a strong need to always carry the charger with you but you can’t store it in a bag, the best choice is the portable chargers with around 10 000 mAh, a good compromise between efficiency and portability.

If, instead, for you it is fundamental the efficiency and above all the number of refills that is able to guarantee you, surely portability is not necessary you take it into consideration. Focus more on capacity or other features.


When we talk about evaluating the design of a portable battery charger we do not mean just pure aesthetics, which can still be important to you. We mean everything that makes the portable charger easy and convenient to carry, and maybe store, in complete safety.

On average the battery chargers have a parallelepiped, more or less slim, thin appearance. The dimensions are often related to power. The shell is often made of plastic and must certainly be solid enough and scratch-resistant, so possibly not excessively smooth and delicate. Some products, not necessarily the best ones, have a more or less colorful aluminum shell that is certainly beautiful, but very delicate and easily stained or scratched.

You must also evaluate when it is handy and comfortable to carry in your hand: a particularly slippery portable charger is not useful because it can easily fall from your hands and break. In order to make a better evaluation of the product, the reviews of the various customers will be very useful where often the dimensions and the practicality of the product are reported. For color lovers, some brands produce their own power banks in different colors.

And your phone will never be turned off

At the end of our article you will surely get the clearest ideas about the world of portable chargers. Now you know how to read the main information that characterizes these products and how to choose the best portable charger for you, the one that best suits your needs. Remember, of course, that you can use power banks for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, smartwatches or electronic cigarettes: in short, a precious little treasure.

Put all this information together, compare it with the opinions of other buyers, evaluate your real needs and proceed with the purchase. Just one click and your phone or tablet will always be charged! What are you waiting for?