Kodak KPM-210W

Portable: yes
Connectivity technology: Bluetooth

If you want the most manageable portable photo printer ever to print your photographs anywhere, you might want to focus on this model.

The Kodak KPM-210W is a mini photo printer designed to give you better handling when printing photos wherever you are. Thanks to its small size, you can easily insert it into your bag.

Print quality is really good, as expected from a Kodak product. It uses a thermal sublimation technology, with good results. You will not need cartridges. Connecting it to your smartphone or tablet will be very simple, thanks to the Bluetooth connection. You can establish a quick and efficient connection to print your favorite photos.

The Kodak printer is quite inexpensive, and is available in three different colors: white, black and gold. You can choose your favorite color, and you will have guaranteed a really nice style to see. Bringing it with you will indeed be a source of pride!

For an even more convenient connection, you will also have the NFC available, to quickly interface your smartphone with the Kodak printer. Printing has a speed of about one page per minute, but benefits from a stable and efficient connection.

The printing dimensions of the Kodak printer are rather small, in postcard format, and this is due to the ultra-compact dimensions of this device. Print quality, however, is not compromised, and you will have a memory of your experience.

Kodak KPM-210W Review
Kodak KPM-210W

Product Name: Kodak KPM-210W

Product Description: Meet your pocket's best friend - the Kodak KPM-210W instant digital pocket printer. Perfect portable printing wherever you go. With built-in Bluetooth technology, you can print your favorite photos on the go right from your phone. Create your own photo with fun editing tools like borders and filters to take your photo to the next level.

Brand: Kodak

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Printer Kodak KPM-210W print color photos of high quality with the lowest cost. Users can print directly from smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.

  • Portability
  • Print quality
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
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  • Portable, handy and compact printer
  • Thermal sublimation printing, without cartridges
  • Good print quality
  • Affordable price
  • It has both Bluetooth and NFC connections
  • Very simple to use


  • Not the best print speed
  • Despite its small size, it is not very light