Samsung LCD C24FG73

Screen size: 24 “and 27”
Resolution: full HD

Are you a fan of video games and are you looking for the best gaming monitor with an attractive cost? This review is dedicated to you because we talk about the Samsung C24FG73.

The strong point of this PC monitor, which you will surely appreciate, once connected to your console or your computer, during the gaming sessions are the 144 Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time. This makes it one of the best PC monitors to have fun even with action-packed videogames. It is a device optimized for gamers, developed for you in collaboration with the Samsung Galaxy Team. Implement AMD FreeSync technology.

Some interesting details

The screen is curved, with a 1800R bend radius that you will find exceptional because it will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game. The curved screens can be appreciated if one positions oneself centrally with respect to it and in this case the position will be that. The best performance is on the 27 ” display, but in both cases, after the first 30 minutes needed to “adapt”, you will never want to go back. But this PC monitor also thinks of your eyes, with the Eye Saver mode and Flicker Free technology.

This PC monitor uses a VA panel with Full HD resolution that will allow you to have excellent color quality. In fact the color rendering is excellent thanks also to the Quantum Dot technology (it is a QLed monitor, brighter colors than OLEDs) which greatly increases the color range. The calibration of colors and their yield is perfect for gaming, a little less performing for works with photography.

Good its connectivity, with the two HDMI sockets, the audio jack and the DisplayPort with which you can take advantage of the 144Hz refresh rate. All or most of the parameters can be customized in a fairly simple way, and you can also opt for user-friendly modes, which lower the refresh rate (if not essential). Color calibration is carried out from the factory.

It is a PC monitor with an attractive and elegant appearance. You can choose between two types of different bases, the simple one and the double joint one, which you will find very useful for positioning. You can buy it in the 24 inch or 27 inch version, both extremely performing, adjustable in height, vertically or whatever you prefer.From an aesthetic point of view it remains really elegant, with its structure consisting of a mix of polycarbonate and metal. The yield during the gaming sessions is excellent and one of the best for immersive gaming. It has no integrated audio.

In short, as confirmed by the best opinions, it is an exceptional product and sold at a very competitive price. All this makes it the best gaming PC monitor on the market in 2019.

Samsung LCD C24FG73
Samsung LCD C24FG73

Product Name: Samsung LCD C24FG73

Product Description: Curved monitor Samsung C24FG73 is based on nanocrystals (LED-matrix backlight). It provides low power consumption (only 59w when working), high brightness and contrast of the image. AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes the refresh rate of the screen with the time-lapse frequency of the computer. This prevents frames from hanging and overlapping. Samsung C24FG73F is easy to adjust to the needs of any user: it is adjustable in height, can be used in portrait mode, changing the angle of inclination.

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With this monitor, the gamer always controls the situation in dynamic games. It smoothly reproduces the fastest movements and explosive special effects thanks to the short response time of the matrix, high image refresh rate and the possibility of automatic synchronization with the computer graphics card (AMD FreeSync technology).

  • Brightness
  • For gamers
  • Picture quality
  • Value for money
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  • Best PC monitor for gaming in 2019
  • OSD panel menu, tailored for gaming sessions
  • Implement AMD FreeSync technology
  • Curved panel with a radius of curvature equal to 1800R for an exceptional immersive gaming experience
  • Eye Saver mode and Flicker Free technology to protect eyesight
  • VA panel with Quantum Dot technology with color coverage of approximately 125% sRGB and anti-ghosting technology
  • It has 2 HDMI inputs, 1 DisplayPort input (to take advantage of the 144hz)
  • Available in the 24 or 27 ” version
  • Aesthetically very appealing
  • Maximum adjustability of the position, with the monitor adjustable in height, tiltable, rotatable


  • Rear joystick adjustment, a bit uncomfortable
  • It does not have integrated speakers