AGPTek A02

Does your next mp3 player need to be of good quality but without costing too much? Then read on.

The price of AGPTek A02 is small, but the equipment is rich: this player has a recorder and an integrated FM radio and the earphones are included in the package: you can use it as soon as you buy it without wasting time and money on expensive accessories.

Its built-in memory is capacious, a good 8 GB: this player will allow you to load lots of songs all together without having to constantly delete and reinsert the songs you want to listen to each time.

For the greedy of “fresh” music, AGPTek has also included an integrated FM radio in this player, so you won’t waste time choosing which mp3s to upload.

AGPTek A02 Review
AGPTek A02

Product Name: AGPTek A02

Product Description: AGPTek A02 is an affordable ergonomic player that supports all kinds of multimedia: music, radio, voice recorder, photo and text. The device provides high-quality sound, in addition to standard formats, it plays lossless-formats such as FLAC and APE. Several equalizer settings are also available.

Brand: AGPTek

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AGPTek A02 is a compact user-friendly player with an elegant and memorable design. This stylish gadget is equipped with everything you need: color LCD display, built-in voice recorder, FM radio, microSD card slot, etc.

  • Sound quality
  • Value for money
  • Client's trust
  • Battery life
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  • Cheap mp3 player
  • Pleasant sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Earphones included
  • 8 GB of integrated memory
  • Integrated FM radio


  • Cheap earphones included
  • Display not very visible in the sun