Fiio X3 II

Are you looking for the best mp3 player but haven’t decided yet? If и u want our recommendation, Fiio X3 II is the right choice.

Fiio X3 II supports all digital formats, from mp3s to lossless ones, like the FLAC, which preserves all the sound frequencies that the mp3 format would eliminate, so you will listen to your favorite music perfectly, with all the details of the original recording.

This new device is dedicated to reproducing music in high fidelity. For this reason, headphones or earphones are not included in the packaging: our advice is to use it with high-end headphones to appreciate its great audio qualities.

To demonstrate the goodness of the chipset that makes it the best mp3 audio quality player, this product is also a high quality DAC: this means that you can also use it as an external sound card for your computer.

Fiio has also thought of customization, providing three finishes for this reader: Titanium, Black and Gold. In this way, you can choose the color that is best for you to make it become a truly personal object.

Fiio X3 II Review
Fiio X3 II

Product Name: Fiio X3 II

Product Description: Fiio X3 II guarantees the effect of presence along with the soft harmonious playback of melodies while listening to the tracks. The availability of the Cirrus Logic CS4398 will provide fine-tuning of the sound. Large enough two-inch screen will appreciate the clarity and good color. There is a slot for removable memory media such as microSD. Without additional charge, the device is able to work for 11 hours of continuous playback of music.

Brand: Fiio

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The Fiio X3 II portable media player is equipped with an aluminum case that protects the internal components from damage. Its control panel is stylized as a retro speaker emitter, which gives the device an unusual and elegant appearance.

  • Sound quality
  • Value for money
  • Client's trust
  • Battery life
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  • It supports many formats including FLAC
  • High reproduction quality
  • Great audio power
  • High definition of the bass
  • High definition audio
  • Usable as DAC
  • Equipped with covers, stickers and cables


  • Supplied without headphones
  • Requires external Micro SD memory