Cooler Master Masterkeys LITE

Type of gaming keyboard: mechanical / membrane hybrid

The Cooler Master is one of the best companies in the PC industry. And with this product, you can discover their invention, a hybrid of mechanics and membrane: a memory keyboard!

The Cooler Master Masterkeys LITE keyboard is characterized by the peculiarity of being a membrane, but with mechanical emulation. This means that it will give you a feeling, in everyday use, comparable to the economic mechanical keyboards found on the market.

The keys are all backlit thanks to RGB LEDs, which make the keyboard pleasant to use and guarantee better visibility in the dark. Moreover, the Italian layout will make you feel immediately at home, avoiding key positions you are not used to.

The keyboard design, despite the flashy keys, is minimal and elegant, black in color. This keyboard is wired, via USB, thanks to which you will have no problems with delayed key presses or low battery power, not like in Bluetooth wireless keyboards.

In addition to the Cooler Master keyboard, you will also find an optical mouse with a USB cable, which is also backlit and excellent for PC play. In this way, you can immediately try your hand at gaming!

Other features of this Cooler Master keyboard are water resistance, and anti-ghosting technology. The latter will allow you to press multiple keys simultaneously on your keyboard, without canceling any action. Thanks to it, your keyboard will allow you to always be competitive.

Cooler Master Masterkeys LITE Review
Cooler Master Masterkeys LITE

Product Name: Cooler Master Masterkeys LITE

Product Description: KeyboardCooler Master Masterkeys LITE with high-strength switches with excellent tactility, which is not inferior to the traditional mechanics on this indicator. Anti-ghosting effect that allows you to use up to 26 keys at the same time. The function of instantaneous adjustment of the speed of repeated pressing and setting the parameters of the light mode, which is activated by pressing special key combinations.

Brand: Cooler Master

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The keyboard is also equipped with a modern RGB backlight system with six different zones and several lighting effects, including wave, ripples and more.

  • Brightness
  • Easy to use
  • For gaming
  • Value for money
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  • Kit with keyboard + gaming mouse
  • Made of membrane with mechanical emulation
  • Great price
  • Backlighting with RGB LEDs
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Equipped with Italian layout


  • The keys sometimes do not seem to be perfectly stable
  • It is not as functional as a real mechanic