KLIM Domination

Type of gaming keyboard: mechanical

Were you looking for a mechanical keyboard that is highly customizable according to your best needs? If so, this could be for you.

The KLIM Domination is a backlit keyboard able to combine functionality and customization, which will allow you to be competitive in the game. Thanks to its fully customizable RGB backlight, you will have almost infinite color combinations, with a choice for each individual key.

The technology with which this keyboard is made is mechanical, with independent switches for each key. If you are a fan of this type of keyboards, you will be at ease right away. Moreover, the KLIM Domination also implements anti-ghosting technology, which will allow you to press multiple keys simultaneously without any problem. A perfect mechanic for gaming.

One more thing to mention about

Another feature that distinguishes this keyboard is better material strength. The KLIM Domination will certainly last a long time, and is less likely to break than many other more fragile keyboards. Starting with the USB cable, covered in very resistant nylon.

Don’t worry about those keyboards that are difficult to use due to their key layout! The KLIM Domination has the Italian layout, and will make you feel immediately at home. Furthermore, the keyboard is fully programmable without the need for annoying and complicated drivers. This makes it compatible with both Windows and Linux!

Customer reviews and opinions are highly positive, for the build quality and the best customization of the LEDs you could wish for. There are few mechanical keyboards like this one.

KLIM Domination Review
KLIM Domination

Product Name: KLIM Domination

Product Description: Keyboard KLIM Domination will make you an absolute winner in numerous virtual battles. The presented model is distinguished by a restrained design: thanks to the ergonomic body of the classic black color, it is suitable for home use and for equipping the workplace in the office. The undeniable advantage of this device is the presence of multi-color illumination, which adds to its appearance aesthetics and makes working with it in the dark comfortable.

Brand: KLIM

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Keyboard KLIM Domination – model of gaming class. It is made in black. The design is simple and concise, you will appreciate a pleasant appearance. There are no unnecessary details in the design.
There is a keyboard KLIM Domination backlight. It is used in the absence of lighting, you can comfortably play in the dark.

  • Brightness
  • Easy to use
  • For gaming
  • Value for money
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  • Highly customizable mechanical keyboard
  • Equipped with RGB backlight for 16 million color combinations
  • With anti-ghosting technology for gaming
  • Perfect Italian layout for all of you
  • Without driver, compatible with Windows and Linux
  • High-strength materials, nylon-coated USB cable
  • Mechanical technology with quality blue switches


  • The discounted price is a little high
  • The keys on the surface risk ruining after a long time of use