JBL T210

Type: with wire

Are you looking for “battle” earphones, which you can use safely when you go running or just at home to relax before falling asleep? Here for you, then, the JBL T210 headphones.

These corded headphones can be found at a very cheap price, but come with a good quality / price ratio.

They have a cute but easy design, accompanied by a thread of anti-tangle plates. The caps are fitted with medium-sized rubber tips, but you can replace them with the ones of different sizes that you can find inside the package, to adapt the size of the headset to your ears for greater comfort. The greater comfort translates into a better hearing experience.

All the controls that these headphones offer you can be found on the single-button remote control. With different pressures you can manage the sequence of the tracks, the stop and go, but also answer the phone calls and activate the Google voice assistant. The integrated microphone captures a clear and clean sound.

The audio output is good and you will appreciate better, deeper and more powerful bass, and rather clean high tones. Listening to music with these in-ear headphones will be a pleasure. The bass reproduction is very good also thanks to the 8.7mm drivers.
Surely the audio reproduction is not in high fidelity, but considering that we are talking about decidedly cheap headphones from which you cannot expect an audio level similar to that of headphones that cost 10 times as much.

They are headphones with cable and 3.5mm jack, therefore compatible with all smartphones and devices that have this type of attack. Therefore, your best companions will be during a race, or to listen to relaxed music on the sofa and maybe make or receive phone calls while you are doing it, all by simply moving a finger.

JBL T210 Review
JBL T210

Product Name: JBL T210

Product Description: The headphones JBL T210 are light, comfortable and compact. Inside the metal-trimmed earbud housing, there is a pair of 8.7 mm speakers capable of delivering extremely powerful bass and reproducing the powerful JBL Pure Bass sound that can be heard in concert halls, sports arenas and recording studios around the world. In addition, the one-button remote control allows you to control music playback, as well as answer calls using the built-in microphone. All this makes the T210 a convenient partner for everyday use at work, at home and on the road.

Brand: JBL

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The headphones are convenient to store and carry everywhere in a black fabric pouch-cover with a logo, which is included in the kit.

  • Value for money
  • For working out
  • Sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
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  • Average audio quality, especially good in enhancing low tones
  • 8.7 mm driver
  • It has a built-in microphone that allows you to answer phone calls, but also to browse through songs
  • Good sound quality of the microphone
  • Good build quality
  • The level of sound insulation is of a good standard
  • Very light and comfortable to wear
  • Among the accessories you will find various rubber tips for different ear sizes and a comfortable bag for storing the in-ear earphones once used
  • Very cheap


  • The volume adjustment keys are missing
  • The headphones slip too easily from the ear during movement