Mpow IPX7

Type: wireless

Tired of your wired headphones? Would you like to try wireless headsets but don’t know which model to buy? If you don’t want to spend a fortune and have a good quality product, our advice is to evaluate the earphones in earMpow MPBH29BD-PPP.

This model is presented to you with a very special and attractive design and good construction materials. It has an aluminum plate on the earpiece that gives it a particular elegance. It has a bow built with anti-tangle cable with rubber coating that rests on the neck. The headband together with the shape of the headphone keep the earphones steady at the ear even during the various sessions of physical activity.

You can customize the configuration with the various rubber tips and other parts of the headphone end: put them together and you will find the perfect combination for your ears. Finding the right combination will allow you to enjoy the really great audio that is returned from this device. The bass is more than sufficiently deep, just as the high tones remain clear and not confusing. An audio, even HD, definitely balanced and very pleasant.

The headphones also do their job in terms of sound insulation.

In addition to listening to music, with these headphones you can answer phone calls: the microphone is valid and, thanks to CVC 6.0 technology, eliminates background noise. In this way also the sound detected by the microphone will be better, clean and almost free of interference. With the remote control you can easily manage the audio, the calls, but also the songs you are listening to.Another point in favor of the MPBH29BD-PPP is certainly its excellent autonomy: up to 8h in playback and up to 175h in stand-by, with a recharge of about 1.5h. To connect it uses Bluetooth 4.1, low power consumption. It is the best earphone even if you practice sport because it resists sweat and rain, as per the IPX7 standard.

The overall quality of these earphones is definitely good, despite the fact that they are inexpensive headphones, and this is demonstrated by the 24-month warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Mpow IPX7 Review
Mpow IPX7

Product Name: Mpow IPX7

Product Description: Mpow IPX7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones will be a nice addition to your device.Provides high quality sound that will give you only good emotions from use. You can listen to music together, as the headphones are wireless and connected to the same device via Bluetooth.

Brand: Mpow

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Mpow IPX7 headphones, you do not have to perform complicated steps to connect and wait for authentication, because they are ready to work immediately after switching on. Enjoy music and chat with friends without delay.

  • Battery life
  • For working out
  • Sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
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  • Balanced audio, with good bass enhancement and correct reproduction of medium and high tones
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Connectivity guaranteed by Bluetooth 4.1, fast pairing
  • Waterproof to rain and sweat (IPX7)
  • Considerable autonomy: up to 8h in playback, 175h in stand-by
  • Attractive, elegant design, particularly with the metal case
  • Earphone components with different sizes included to combine them together and find the best configuration for your ears
  • They remain in place even during physical activity
  • Non-entangling rubber cable
  • 24-month manufacturer’s warranty