Marshall Mode EQ Headphones

Type: with wires

Audio quality is essential for you, but wouldn’t you like to spend € 200 to buy the best in-ear headphones ever in 2018? Then you are right on the right review because we talk about the Marshall Mode EQ corded earphones.

Marshall is a name you surely know: it works in the world of music products and stands out for the best construction materials and high quality reproduction. And even here it does not disappoint you. These in-ear headphones are in a medium-high range of products.

They have a really nice, particular and light design in which you will notice the quality of the construction materials of headphones and bindings. The plastics are of excellent quality and the jacks, as well as other inserts, are in very resistant and solid gilded metal. The headphones have a particular aspect that, at first glance, may seem uncomfortable, but once they are put on they will no longer be heard. Extreme comfort, and excellent insulation from external noise, to give you a truly super experience.

In order to better adapt the earphones to your ear, you will find several different-sized ear cushions in the package. The cable is long enough and even if it is not of the anti-entanglement type, it does not create such problems and behaves very well. On the cable you can find the microphone, well camouflaged, and the “remote control”.

The microphone behaves very well and is able to eliminate background noise, to talk to those you prefer without interference. With the dedicated button you can answer phone calls.

You will have a decidedly good sound quality, if that’s what you are looking for, and in addition Marshall puts at your disposal an EQ switch that allows you to manually switch from a preset that enhances the mid and high frequencies, to a preset dedicated to the bass. Depending on the music you listen to and the type of sound you prefer, you can opt for the best choice in your opinion. Between the two, the preset dedicated to the bass definitely makes the difference, a little less that dedicated to the highs.You can connect these earphones to all smartphones or devices that have a 3.5mm jack input. The only flaw we have found is the absence of dedicated volume adjustment buttons.

If you are looking for excellent headphones in ear with excellent build quality and good audio resolution, this is the best product.

Marshall Mode EQ in-Ear Headphones
Marshall Mode EQ in-Ear Headphones

Product Name: Marshall Mode EQ in-Ear Headphones

Product Description: Plug-in headphones Marshall Mode EQ, equipped with a mini-remote and a microphone, allow one click to answer the call, stop, resume and rewind the playback of songs in the player of your phone. The special design of the microphone ensures the purity of sound reception and prevents the occurrence of echo and extraneous noise. The remote also has a special switch - to select the EQ mode: the first mode - softer, the second - more powerful, with enhanced bass.

Brand: Marshall

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MARSHALL Mode EQ headphone, black in color with gold trim made according to the type of plug-in inserts. The model has a compact size with the possibility of “big” sound. A feature of the device is the presence of an equalizer that allows you to adjust the mode of deep bass, as well as mid and high frequencies.

  • Value for money
  • For working out
  • Sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
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  • Microphone with background noise elimination system
  • 9mm handmade drivers
  • Powerful sound and minimal distortion
  • Switch to enhance bass or treble
  • Better build quality
  • Maximum comfort when wearing headphones in ear
  • With 4 rubber pads of different sizes: each ear with its earphone
  • Compatible with all devices that have a 3.5mm jack cable entry
  • Tangle resistant cable


  • Volume controls are missing
  • The high frequency equalizer is not too incisive
  • Not cheap