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We know, the world of Bluetooth headsets is vast and it is not at all easy to get around, especially if you are looking for headphones that can satisfy your desire for music on the move, but without making you faint. Which one to choose? The best in-ear headphones for you are definitely the TaoTronics TT-BH026.

They are cheap headsets, but they have an excellent quality / price ratio. They are wireless headphones with a comfortable headband that you can adapt to your ear. Included are also ear cushions of different sizes, to have a headset that “fits” perfectly. On the headphones, then, there are magnets that close the thread naturally around the neck and prevent the headphones from slipping and getting lost and you can take them with you without even realizing it.

ITT-BH026 are in-ear headphones that are quite light to wear and have excellent range: up to 8 hours of playback for less than 2 hours of charging. And if you have a deviceIOS you will always be able to see the charge level

Audio reproduction is already very good, but sound insulation certainly contributes to better sound quality. With these in-ear headphones you can of course also make, receive and end phone calls simply by pressing the buttons on the remote control along the wire. Keys you will find useful and through which you can also manage the reproduction of the songs (pause, playback, etc.).

To offer you better audio quality even during the call phase, the TT-BH026 earphones implement the CVC6.0 technology which provides to cancel the background noise. Added to this is the MEMS microphone, which has a greater sensitivity, allowing you to speak even in a low voice without problems for the other party: always clear and clear communication.With TT-BH026 earphones in your running sessions will no longer be boring because you can always hear the best music. And if you sweat or take a little bit of rain there are no problems, because the inner lining of these headphones guarantees maximum waterproofing, as per the IPX6 standard.

The range of accessories is rich and also includes a handy netted bag for storing headphones when not in use. To be cheap in-ear headphones are definitely rich.

TaoTronics Review
TaoTronics Wireless

Product Name: TaoTronics

Product Description: The active noise reduction system in Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics, using built-in microphones, dampens external noise so we can only hear music. ANC can be disabled at any time, thus extending the battery life. Even when the system is turned off, the playback quality remains the same. Passive noise reduction in the form of soft pillows on each earpiece partially muffles the surrounding noise. To control the volume, switch tracks and answer calls on the gadget, there are buttons with specific symbols.

Brand: TaoTronics

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Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics is ideal for people who are constantly in motion. Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics fastened at the neck with elastic rim and not fall even while walking or while running.

  • Battery life
  • For working out
  • Sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
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  • Good audio quality
  • Implement CVC 6.0 technology which contributes to noise cancellation
  • The MEMS microphone has reduced interference, for a better and cleaner sound
  • Ideal for outdoor sports: it resists sweat and splashes of water, as per IPX6 standards
  • Autonomy more than good: 8h of music for less than 2h of recharge, with level indicator battira for iOS
  • Connectivity guaranteed by Bluetooth 4.1 even with two different phones
  • Cheap, but with an excellent quality / price ratio
  • Earphone easily adaptable to your ear, thanks to the different sets of grommets included
  • Packed with accessories
  • Very comfortable magnet that keeps the earphones together around the neck, when not in use, to prevent them from slipping and getting lost


  • The position of the “remote control” is not very comfortable
  • The headband that holds the earpiece may be a little bit uncomfortable for those with a smaller auricle