Kobo Aura

Screen: 6 ”
Storage: 4Gb expandable up to 32Gb
Water resistant: no

We know, choosing between the many ebook readers which is the best ereader for you is not easy. If you are approaching this world now, the best ebook reader for you, or certainly one of the best, is the Kobo Aura ereader.

It is an ebook reader that, despite its not excessive price, will give you an excellent reading experience. It has, in fact, a 6 inch-screen with the rather good quality Ink and a resolution of 221ppi. The ereader screen is anti-glare and equipped with a rather basic backlight, but effective and able to allow you an easy reading without straining your eyes. The ability to customize the font size and font size also contributes to easier reading.

Now you ou can read wherever you want and in any light condition, thanks to the manual brightness adjustment available in this ebook reader. The screen is mounted flush and blends perfectly with the body very pleasant to the touch. It will make reading even more pleasant, and certainly not tiring. With this ebook reader you will be able to read texts in 15 different formats . You will be able to always carry documents with you in pdf and not only.

A great variety of features

As you read, you can take notes, underline or insert notes, but also highlight songs or phrases to share them on social networks directly through the ebook reader. And if you find something interesting that you can’t read at the moment, save it and you can also retrieve it via tablet, smartphone or computer at any time.

The Kobo Aura ebook reader is also implemented with other useful features, such as the instant translation of words in multiple languages ​​with the touch of a finger. If the meaning of a word is not clear to you, look for it in Wikipedia and learn more about definitions, events and characters. With this ereader you can always have thousands of books with you ready to be read: in fact, it has a storage of 4 GB of expandable (up to a maximum of 32 GB).

A constant in every review of those who are already using the ebook reader is the finding that the battery lasts so long: with a single charge you can read even for 2 months! The Kobo Aura is an ebook reader with an excellent quality / price ratio, perhaps one of the best on the market in 2019, and it is certainly a highly recommended ereader to those approaching this world.

It is also one of the ideal ereaders for those in possession of a very old model of ebook reader and would like to opt for a more modern product, but not excessively expensive and complicated.

Kobo Aura
Kobo Aura - eBook reader

Product Name: Kobo Aura

Product Description: Kobo Aura is designed taking into account the recommendations and reviews of customers of previous models of the company. The model provides opportunities for the most comfortable reading among all electronic devices. The manufacturer took into account the wishes of readers and developed a completely new, stunning e-book reader.

Brand: Kobo

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Paper-like display allows you to read with a complete lack of glare, even in the bright sun. In the dark, you can highlight the screen, including the built-in backlight ComfortLight. It consists of special LEDs located on the perimeter of the screen. They form a pleasant to the eyes, “soft” glow. You can decrease or increase the brightness of the reader in the settings.

  • Battery life
  • Screen quality
  • Client's trust
  • Touch screen
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  • 6 ”e-Ink Pearl screen, anti-glare, backlit and covered with flush glass with a resolution of 212ppi
  • Possibility of manual brightness adjustment
  • Ergonomic, pleasant to handle and good readability
  • You can adapt the font size and choose from 11 different font types, to fully customize the reading on your ebook reader
  • 4GB storage, expandable up to 32Gb (one of the few with expandable storage)
    Connectivity guaranteed by Wi-Fi
  • Battery that guarantees up to 2 months of reading
  • Many additional features such as instant translation in multiple languages, possibility to deepen themes and information with Wikipedia, sharing songs or excerpts via social networks
  • Ability to read up to 15 different formats, including ePub
  • One of the best ereaders for quality / price ratio


  • Cannot read files in proprietary format (such as the format used by amazon and others)
  • The screen has streaks, visible based on how the ebook reader tilts, but that do not affect the quality of the reading