Kindle Oasis

Screen: 7 ”
Storage: 8Gb or 32Gb
Water resistant: yes

You are looking for the best ebook readers but you just can’t decide which one to choose? Here we’re talking about perhaps the best ebook reader, a top of the range, the Kindle Oasis e-reader.

There are many things to say about this little Amazon jewel, but we will focus on the main ones. First of all, it has a large, 7-inch screen that allows it to contain up to 30% more words and brings it closer and closer to the dimensions of a real paper book.

The e-Ink display with which this reader is equipped has a resolution of 300ppi, it is illuminated by 12 LEDs that guarantee a very uniform illumination. It has a very comfortable brightness sensor that will adapt the brightness of the screen to the external lighting. This will allow you to read comfortably and without straining your eyes in all light conditions. Of course you always have the option to change the brightness of the screen to suit your needs.

Superb device

Ebook reading also facilitates the ability to choose font sizes and bold levels, for a better experience. To turn the page you can opt for the Touchscreen or for the very comfortable mechanical keys placed on the side of the ebook reader, really very convenient and practical, with the most immediate response.

To speed up the software response, the Oasis ebook reader is equipped with a Dual Core processor. You can read books in foreign language thanks to the vocabulary that allows you to translate all the words, but it can be even more will be appreciated by those who love reading books in English, thanks to Word Wise.

The Oasis ebook reader has an excellent storage capacity, from 8 to 32 Gb (based on the versions) in order to let you carry thousands of books with you. But thanks to its connectivity (only WiFi or free WiFi + 3G), you can download a book in less than a minute at any time! Millions of texts available to you on Amazon, and many formats that this ereader can handle.

Excellent ergonomics, easy and comfortable to hold with one hand, the ereader adapts the screen according to the hand with which the reader holds it. And it is a waterproof ebook reader. It is a highly recommended ebook also for bringing children closer to reading. Good battery life, which with a single charge will guarantee you a reading of a few weeks.

The only drawback, perhaps, of the ebook reader Oasis is the price: surely we cannot call it a product in the economic range, but it has really high level hardware and software features and the image it displays will not make you regret. Complete, functional, comfortable: in short, a veritable top of the range, the Kindle Oasis ebook reader.

Kindle Oasis Review
Kindle Oasis

Product Name: Kindle Oasis

Product Description: Kindle Oasis is a premium device in the kindle brand line. The e-book is made in an ergonomic, compact and lightweight case. Larger screen of 7 inches more convenient than similar devices, the standard for which is the size of 6 inches. In the e-book kindle Oasis uses innovative technology "electronic ink": the images are clear (300 ppi), the contrast is high. Such features along with built-in adaptive lighting, protection from moisture and water, the option of listening to audio files make the electronic device a unique device that allows you to comfortably listen to audio books and read.

Brand: Kindle

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Kindle Oasis – a great solution for people who like to read a lot. If necessary, you can quickly change the color of the “paper” to black, after which the text will be white font. The option is convenient for those people who are used to reading a lot from tablets or smartphones. It will allow your eyes to relax if necessary

  • Battery life
  • Screen qualit
  • Client's trust
  • Touch screen
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  • 7-inch display (accommodates 30% more words) and is definitely better for comic book lovers, an anti-glare e-ink display with a pixel density of 330ppi
  • Lighting with 12 LEDs and brightness sensor that adapts to the lighting of the environment (with the possibility of also manual adaptation)
  • Waterproof up to 60 min under 2 m of water, to be able to read always and everywhere
  • Ergonomic ebook reader, light and comfortable to carry with you
  • Convenient page change keys
  • Dual core processor (maximum reactivity), internal memory ranging from 8 to 32 Gb (depending on the models) and the possibility of implementing (as soon as also available in Italy) the Audible (the possibility of listening to audio books thanks to Bluetooth connections with speakers)
  • Many functions implemented: Whispersync, bookmarks and reading progress synchronized with all the devices, immediate access to translation of single words or short definitions in English in the case of texts in the language (Word Wise)
  • Excellent for stimulating children to read and turn them into readers with the Kindle Free Time
  • Connectivity via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G free (depending on the version purchased)
  • Millions of books at your disposal always


  • Poor PDF management
  • Not excessive battery life