Kindle Paperwhite

Screen: 6 ”
Storage: 4 Gb
Water resistant: no

Do you like reading and are you looking for a way to always carry your books with you in a convenient and practical way? Try one of the best ereaders on the market, the Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader.

The ebook reader from Amazon, is an ebook with excellent price. it has a 6-inch screen, one of the best sizes that combines ease of reading,  convenience of using in public transport. The screen has a very good resolution, from 300ppi with a Pearl e-ink, one of the most advanced. The lighting in this ereader is guaranteed by 4 LEDs.

All this, combined with the anti-glare technology, will allow you to easily read your favorite book in any situation, with or without light. You will have the feeling of reading printed paper. You can read and interrupt the reading whenever you want because your ebook reader will automatically keep the sign.

And if there is any word that is not clear to you, no problem: you can search for it or, if the book is in foreign language, translate it with a simple click. It is very easy to use, this ebook reader will surprise you. You can easily read texts in foreign language using the convenient dictionary, adapting the size and characters of the text to your liking.

All this, as well as the Kindle Free Time functions, will be of great help to encourage kids to read more and more. This ebook reader is the best for reading everything and having every text always at hand. It supports most formats, except ePubs, which are still widespread.

There are millions of books which are available and you can easily download them in a few seconds (no more than a minute): in fact this ebook reader offers you good connectivity via wi-fi and/or via free 3G (paid by Amazon). You can read anywhere and as long as you want, thanks to the truly long-lasting charge: with 4 hours of charge (with USB cable) you can read for weeks.

Quality and price of the Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader have made it very popular and the reviews are all, or almost, in its favor! There are no particular critical points emerge. Precisely for this reason the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is the best ebook reader available on the market in 2019 for quality / price ratio.

Kindle Paperwhite Review
Kindle Paperwhite

Product Name: Kindle Paperwhite

Product Description: Kindle Paperwhite is a chic alternative to existing books and a great choice for the first-ever reader. Quality, reliability, ergonomics, functionality — all on top. And the price is acceptable for such characteristics. Read with pleasure!

Brand: Kindle

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Kindle Paperwhite is probably one of the most anticipated readers in its time. Equipped with screen backlight, which makes reading in poor light comfortable and the text looks more contrast. Plus a touch screen and high quality materials. This e-book is worthy of your attention!

  • Battery life
  • Screen quality
  • Client's trust
  • Touch screen
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  • High resolution screen (300ppi) and 6 ”touch screen illuminated with the best and most advanced e-ink
  • You have at least 3 million ebooks available to your ereader
  • Excellent connection, available in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and 3G (with free 3G connection)
  • You can download a book in a minute!
  • Customization of the font size, for a more pleasant and less tiring reading
  • Long-lasting battery: 4 hours of charge for weeks of autonomy
  • Storage capacity: 4Gb and possibility to organize the books as you prefer, thanks to the Cloud Collections
  • Additional useful features such as the possibility of consulting a vocabulary and Wikipedia to learn more about topics and improve one’s vocabulary, instant translation of words in other languages, automatic bookmark.
  • Excellent the Word Wise, to allow easy and fast reading of English texts on the ereader with a quick definition of the most difficult words, always at your fingertips
  • Parental control and above all Kindle free Time function, a function that allows children to approach and push to read with goals and rewards, giving the possibility to monitor reading time. The best way to turn a child into a budding reader


  • It does not support the ePub format
  • The change in brightness appears to be a little cumbersome and not very immediate