Sapphire Radeon R5 230

Memory Type: DDR3
Frequency: 625 MHz

Are you looking for a video card with an unbeatable price, able to give new life to your old computer? You won’t find another so cheap.

The Sapphire Radeon R5 230 is perfect for those who want to buy a low-end video card and have no claims whatsoever. Particularly suitable for preassembled devices without a graphics card, this model is designed to ensure proper use of your PC.

Its 1 GB DDR3 RAM is enough to guarantee use in lighter tasks like playing videos and movies, lighter editing programs, and playing titles a few years ago.

Its compatibility is however excellent, thanks to the presence of a VGA output, a DVI and an HDMI. You can therefore use it in the best way with any monitor you own. The 16-pin PCI-E connector ensures efficient communication between the CPU and GPU. Furthermore, it requires no additional power, and consumes little.

This video card is very small and therefore does not have a dissipation system, however it will not require an excessive cooling system. Furthermore, the absence of a fan makes it totally silent, perfect for office-type uses, and others like it. We really recommend it to those who want to improve their old PC’s performance with little.

Sapphire Radeon R5 230 Review
Sapphire Radeon R5 230

Product Name: Sapphire Radeon R5 230

Product Description: Sapphire Radeon R5 230 graphics card is made in a low-profile design and has a linear dimensions of 146 by 94 mm. This means that this model can easily fit even in the most compact PC cases, and does not take up much space that may be needed to install other components.

Brand: Sapphire

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Sapphire AMD Radeon R5 230 is painted blue. More than half of the area is occupied by the black radiator of the passive cooling system. This design provides almost complete absence of noise, increased reliability and reduced power consumption of the entire system.

  • Noise level
  • For gaming
  • Value for money
  • Material quality
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  • Video card with unbeatable price
  • Excellent for giving life to an old pre-assembled product
  • Good video output compatibility
  • Very small card
  • It consumes very little and requires no additional power
  • It does not require large cooling systems


  • It has only 1 GB of RAM
  • Primarily suitable for light editing and movie viewing programs
  • No fan