MSI GeForce GT710

RAM: 2GB Memory
type: DDR3
Frequency: 954 MHz

You don’t want the most powerful video card, but the best economic model you can find? Then read this review carefully.

The GeForce GT710 video card produced by MSI is perfect if you were looking for a cheap card for your PC, or to revive an old pre-assembled card. Its 2 GB of DDR3 memory is great for running graphics a few years ago on average graphics.

Its cooling system has been designed to guarantee better heat dissipation, without producing excessive noise. Thanks to it, you can use your computer to read multimedia and gaming editing activities, without aiming for top-level graphics.

The low-profile design of this economical video card has very compact dimensions, suitable even for pre-assembled houses with very little space. Furthermore, its compatibility is made better by the presence of two outputs, a DVI-D and an HDMI.

If you were looking for a cheap video card with good performance, you will hardly find better. You will see that he is able to beat even his older sister, all you need to do is read a review of the NVIDIA GeForce GT730 to be aware of it.

For the low end, we definitely recommend this entry level video card. Among the best economic ones, its RAM and its cooling system stand out. Recommended!

MSI GeForce GT710 Review
MSI GeForce GT710

Product Name: MSI GeForce GT710

Product Description: MSI GeForce GT710 is a modern graphics card that boasts a single-slot performance of the cooling system, which allows the product to significantly save space. That is why the card is a low-profile type will be a great purchase for the location in a thin computer case. The physical parameters of the video card say that its length is 14.6 cm, and the width is only 6.9 cm.

Brand: MSI

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Low-profile graphics card MSI GeForce GT710 is well suited for installation in thin and small cases. It can be used to build an entry-level gaming computer. It is equipped with solid capacitors designed for long-term operation.

  • Noise level
  • For gaming
  • Value for money
  • Material quality
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  • Economical entry level video card, for low-end graphics performance
  • He does quite well with older games and light editing software
  • Low cost
  • It has two outputs, a DVI-D and an HDMI
  • Super compact dimensions
  • Low noise cooling


  • Does not hold a comparison between more recent video cards
  • Low graphic resolution
  • Only suitable for older games with lower rendering requirements