Asus GeForce STRIX GTX 1050Ti

Memory type: GDDR5
Frequency: 1379 MHz

Are you looking for a video card with perfect performance and customizable overclocking?

The 1050Ti Strix produced by Asus, a fantastic brand in the industry, will be able to provide you with a stellar performance compared to many competing video cards. Whether you are editing photos and videos, or playing your favorite hobby, this video card will be a fantastic choice.

This video card is really powerful, thanks to its 4 GB of DDR5 RAM and its clock frequency of 1379 MHz. You can play with the graphics set at the highest possible level, without any frame rate problem on your display. Furthermore, the Strix 1050Ti is one of the graphics cards with more features included.

For example, for better cooling, you will have the DirectCu II system, designed by this brand to make the performance of the video card even better. Moreover, thanks to the software, you can set the overclock according to your needs. You will reach a more powerful frequency of 1506 MHz, for a spectacular 1080p graphic.

The value for money is excellent, and the features to talk about in our review certainly don’t end here. The design of this video card is studied in detail, and presents a logo with Aura RGB lighting that can be set by software. Moreover, the presence of components directly integrated into the alloy of the circuit allow to improve the speed.

With the Strix 1050Ti video card, you will have powerful use of your desktop PC in any situation. In comparison with the other video cards in the ranking of our reviews, and according to our opinions it is certainly one of the best video cards of 2019.

Asus GeForce STRIX GTX 1050Ti - Customizable Overclocking Review
Asus GeForce STRIX GTX 1050Ti - Customizable Overclocking

Product Name: Asus GeForce STRIX GTX 1050Ti - Customizable Overclocking

Product Description: Video card ASUS Matrix GeForce GTX 1050 Ti – a gaming model, equipped with a variety of exclusive technologies ASUS. Used on it the cooling system DirectCU II boasts of high performance at the expense of fans with optimised geometry of the impeller and impeccable reliability ensured by fully automated production process (technology Auto-Extreme).

Brand: Asus

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Modern ASUS graphics cards use selected components that have unsurpassed energy efficiency, reduced operating temperature and improved performance.

  • Noise level
  • For gaming
  • Value for money
  • Material quality
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  • Video card rather inexpensive despite its great performance
  • Equipped with 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM
  • Overclock customizable with Tweak II software, reaches 1506 MHz clock
  • Excellent heat dissipation, with Asus DirectCu II
  • Attractive design, featuring a logo with Aura RGB lighting
  • Efficient and durable, thanks to the integrated components on the circuit
  • Powerful but truly silent video card fans


  • Does not reach 4K resolution graphics
  • The card requires external power supply