Asus GeForce ROG Strix GTX 1060

Memory type: DDR3
Frequency: 1506 MHz

This product is an absolute top of the range for us, and is at the top of the ranking as the best video card of 2019.

The Strix GTX 1060 is the version of the Nvidia graphics card produced by Asus, a brand that has always been able to produce the best video cards. And this time too, it does not disappoint. This video card is able to provide stellar graphics performance, perfect for PC gaming and photo and video editing with Photoshop. You’ll find a few video cards that can stand comparison!

Its integrated RAM has 6 GB of DDR3 memory, which will allow you to run any game and application that requires the best performance from your video card. Moreover, its clock speed reaches a frequency of 1506 MHz, one of the best on the current market.

And if you really want the absolute top, you can buy the version with factory overclocking, with which your video card will reach an even better clock frequency: well 1873 MHz! Despite its best performance, you will still have a silent video card with perfect heat dissipation, thanks to Asus’s DirectCU III!

Its compatibility with NVIDIA programs (and others) for streaming will allow you to play by sharing your experience with the whole world. Thanks to Xsplit Gamecaster, for example, you will have the possibility to configure your video card in the best way.

Another excellent strength is its compatibility with virtual reality. You can use your viewer for an unprecedented experience. And you will be able to play in full HD without framerate problems!

In short, it makes no sense to make comparisons with the mid-range. For your desktop PC, you deserve top-of-the-range experience, and Strix 1060 can be the best video card for you.

Asus GeForce ROG Strix GTX 1060 Review
Asus GeForce ROG Strix GTX 1060

Product Name: Asus GeForce ROG Strix GTX 1060

Product Description: Asus GeForce GTX 1060 ROG Strix 6GB Gaming – the flagship model of the gaming graphics card series ROG MATRIX from Asus. It is built on a set of GeForce GTX 1060 chips with a graphics core frequency of 1746 MHz and high-speed memory GDDR5 in the amount of 6 GB. Install this graphics accelerator in your PC, and it will be suitable for almost any modern game with maximum video quality settings in Full HD-resolution.

Brand: Asus

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In the Gaming model, the manufacturer already at the factory exposes increased frequencies of the processor and memory, as well as supplies its products with a decent cooling system. The stability of the video system and low noise provide as many as three self-regulating fans and heat sinks from copper tubes.

  • Noise level
  • For gaming
  • Value for money
  • Material quality
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  • Top of the range, contender for the title of best graphics card
  • It has 6 GB of DDR3 memory
  • Excellent clock frequency
  • It has LEDs for perfect RGB lighting
  • One of the best dissipation technologies, the DirectCU III
  • Quiet even when used to the maximum


  • Price is a little high for a card at the top of the mid-range
  • High video card size