MSI H270 Gaming M3

Processor brand: Intel
Maximum RAM size: 64 GB

One of the most important factors in a good motherboard is connectivity, both in terms of external ports and slots for the various components. This is certainly one of the motherboards with the best connectivity you could wish for. Read the review, and you’ll see why.

The MSI H270 Gaming M3 is both an economic model, but rich in connectivity, especially suitable for building mid-range computers. You will have no problem inserting various models of processors, RAM and video cards on this MSI.

The socket is the most widespread currently among the Intel processors, namely the LGA 1151 chipset, thanks to which you can install any of the 6th and 7th generation Intel processors. As for RAM, you can install up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM on this MSI.

The MSI H270 is certainly one of the best motherboards to create your gaming PC. Thanks to the high quality components, in fact, it is able to support powerful video cards in order to make the best use of virtual reality.

On the MSI there is the MSI Audio Boost technology, which will guarantee you excellent sound quality. So, it won’t be a problem to immerse yourself in your gaming business! In addition, the ATX format is the most suitable to allow you to build a powerful fixed PC, but without giving up space for the components.

There are few economic but quality motherboards like this, so don’t miss it.

MSI H270 Gaming M3 Review
MSI H270 Gaming M3

Product Name: MSI H270 Gaming M3

Product Description: As many of you have probably guessed, looking at the name, this motherboard is a purely gaming solution that has a very rich functionality. Supports 6th and 7th generation Intel Core i7 / Core i5 / Core i3 / Pentium / Celeron processors (socket 1151) and allows you to install up to 64GB of ddr4 RAM. Also, the motherboard is notable for a large number of USB-connectors that will allow you to simultaneously work with a large number of peripherals and external drives.

Brand: MSI

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With its unique appearance and exclusive gaming features, the MSI H270 Gaming M3 motherboard offers the best gaming experience.

  • For gaming
  • Value for money
  • Productivity
  • Client's trust
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  • One of the motherboards with excellent connectivity
  • Excellent USB connectivity and fixed memory slots
  • It allows you to install up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM
  • MSI Audio Boost, for an immersive gaming experience
  • Implemented with technology that supports virtual reality
  • Rather economical


  • The installable RAM is only at 2133 MHz or 2400 MHz
  • Does not support SLI / Crossfire