Corsair Harpoon

Type: wired
Points per inch: up to 6000 DPI

This mouse is one of the best thanks to its ergonomics given by the rubber side covers, and by the design that makes it ideal for FPS, but also excellent for other genres. Discover our opinions in this review.

The Corsair Harpoon is a gaming mouse designed to provide, at a competitive price, a secure grip even after several hours, whatever the best genre for you. The rubber side covers are ideal for extended gaming sessions. Furthermore, the shape is compact, capable of offering high performance in various games, in particular FPS.

The optical sensor of this mouse is well made, and you can adjust the PPE up to a maximum of 6000 DPI. The keys are of high quality, because they are made with Omron mechanical switches. As a result, it will be highly responsive in in-game use.

The response times of this Corsair gaming mouse are ideal to allow you to be competitive online. In fact, the 1 kHz polling frequency corresponds to response times of only 1 ms. This is also guaranteed by the USB connection, which will guarantee you an experience without delays in input.

On the bottom of the gaming mouse you will find the brand logo, Corsair, backlit with RGB LEDs. Via specific software, you can change the color, but also create custom macros and assign extra keys to specific functions. You will have two on the left side and one under the wheel.

The Corsair Harpoon gaming mouse is cheap and powerful, and our opinions on this product have had a really positive response.

Corsair Harpoon Review
Corsair Harpoon

Product Name: Corsair Harpoon

Product Description: No one will argue with the statement that success in virtual games largely depends on the accessories that you have to use in the process. Such as the Corsair HARPOON RGB wired mouse. This is a wired device, whose ergonomics are carefully thought out so that nothing distracts you from online battles, and the use of the mouse was the most comfortable. The optical led sensor with a maximum resolution of 6000 dpi is responsible for the accuracy and speed of the reaction.

Brand: Corsair

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Perfect for first-person shooters, the Harpoon RGB mouse features a 6000 dpi optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection for precise control.

  • For gaming
  • Ergonomic
  • Weight distribution
  • Value for money
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  • Gaming mouse with non-slip rubber covers
  • 6000 DPI optical sensor
  • High polling frequency, 1 kHz, to avoid delays
  • High quality Omron mechanical switches
  • Brand logo backlit by adjustable RGB LEDs
  • With software that allows the creation of custom macros
  • Competitive price


  • The Corsair software is less intuitive than those of other brands
  • Not exceptional side buttons