Type: 2.4G wireless
Points per inch: 800 – 2400 DPI

If you need a really cheap mouse, for office work and gaming not too competitive, you certainly won’t find a less expensive product than this.

The VicTsing gaming mouse is designed for those who do not want to compete at high levels, but love to play comfortably and quietly, without focusing on strange and uneconomical mice. In this case, the presence of the wireless connection is an excellent addition, which will allow you to use your mouse with better versatility.

Don’t worry, because the 2.4G wireless doesn’t suffer from perceptible input lag anyway, and it’s rather fast, with the possibility to change the update frequency. You can set it at 125 Hz or 250 Hz, according to your needs. Furthermore, the DPI can be adjusted between 800 and 2400, for a good compromise between speed and precision.

The VicTsing gaming mouse runs on AA batteries, and consumes very little, especially if you decide to turn off the backlight LEDs. On the side, you will find two customizable keys via software, and a non-slip coating for the thumb. The latter, combined with an ergonomic design, makes it a comfortable mouse even after several hours of use.

This mouse is really convenient for gaming and working, and you won’t find other devices that cheap. VicTsing is really the best economic choice!

VicTsing Review

Product Name: VicTsing

Product Description: Game mouse - not just a beautiful accessory with a fancy design and lighting. This subspecies of manipulators was designed specifically for gaming - therefore, it is characterized by high accuracy in the Commission of actions and targeting. Since the average player is a young man with limited funds, many companies made a concession and tried their best, combining not only a wide functionality, but also an affordable price within one device. And the best confirmation of the above is the mouse VicTsing.

Brand: VicTsing

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The design is designed in the best traditions of premium models – this is evidenced by the futuristic look, coupled with customizable lighting. The mouse itself sits perfectly in the hand – this is explained by both the streamlined shape of the device and the special coating of the body that prevents the device from slipping out of the sweaty palm.

  • For gaming
  • Ergonomic
  • Weight distribution
  • Value for money
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  • The best economic option on the market in 2019
  • Good choice of sensitivity, between 800 and 2400 DPI
  • Equipped with LEDs for backlighting, which can be turned off
  • With 2.4G wireless USB adapter, very convenient
  • Lateral anti-slip coating
  • Unbeatable price


  • Low update frequency
  • Plastic materials
  • Only suitable if you are right-handed