Type: wired
Points per inch: 500-7000 DPI

Do you also consider the visual appearance of a gaming mouse very important? In this case, you should read the review of the following product.

The KLIM Aim gaming mouse is produced by a less famous brand, the KLIM, which was able to create a device that is very pleasing to the eye but also functional. For large or small hands, right-handed or left-handed: you can use this mouse with great comfort, without problems.

Through a special button located under the wheel, you can adjust the number of DPI, between 500 and 7000. This will guarantee you a better control of the precision, for movements always efficient and accurate. Ideal in shooters, but also in MMOs and MOBAs. The sensor is optical, and has a response time of 2 ms.

The KLIM Aim gaming mouse is comfortable and well balanced, with a Teflon coating that prevents slipping. Your grip will always be firm, for better performance. Furthermore, the Windows driver will allow you to modify the light effects and colors of the RGB LEDs, but also to create special macros.

Thanks to these two features, you can customize your gaming mouse in the best way for you. The KLIM Aim is the demonstration that we should not necessarily entrust to strange mice of famous brands and not at all economic, to have excellent results. Combining performance and low cost, this mouse is a real gem.

KLIM Aim Review

Product Name: KLIM Aim

Product Description: In the longest-running gaming tournaments, the KLIM Aim mouse will allow you to maintain accuracy, thanks to its ergonomic shape. The calibration technology provides the perfect mouse calibration to work on any surface and incredibly high tracking accuracy. Buttons have a cycle of wear resistance of 20 million clicks, made of high-quality plastic, have an ergonomic shape. Built-in memory will allow you to save up to 4000 commands and combinations.

Brand: KLIM

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Specially designed Teflon formula provides excellent slip. Due to the increased area, balanced height and optimal location of the legs, the mouse is located strictly horizontally.

  • For gaming
  • Ergonomic
  • Weight distribution
  • Value for money
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  • Equipped with the best customization of RGB LEDs
  • Optical sensor that reaches 7000 DPI
  • Non-slip Teflon coating for better grip
  • With programmable side buttons
  • Can be used by both left and right handed users
  • It allows to create custom macros
  • Cheap


  • The 2 ms response is lower than many other gaming mice
  • Very sensitive wheel
  • Poorly finished software