Logitech G402

Type: wired
Points for police: from 250 to 4000 DPI

The following product is the right choice for you if you want one of the best inexpensive gaming mice, with excellent value for money.

The Logitech G402 gaming mouse is able to combine high performance and competitive price in a convenient, economical mouse. Despite this, the sensor is of excellent quality, a well-made optical / laser hybrid.

The PPE of this Logitech mouse is adjustable, and can reach a maximum of 4000 DPI. Thus, at any time, you can choose the best setting for you, to take advantage of more precise or faster movements. For this reason, it is an excellent mouse for different types of games.

This feature for different games is made even better by the presence of 8 programmable keys, to which you can assign the most frequent commands. This will allow you to speed up your gaming activities with the mouse, making you more competitive.

Thanks to its very comfortable shape, this Logitech mouse is ideal for both left and right handed users. The ergonomics also makes it the best mouse to work on the PC, such as for graphics and photo editing. In short, versatility is one of the key aspects of this Logitech G402 mouse!

The opinions on this mouse are very positive, and our advice falls on this economical mouse if the value for money is fundamental for you. The Logitech brand is one of the best, and this product is no exception.

Logitech G402
Logitech G402

Product Name: Logitech G402

Product Description: Logitech Gaming Mouse G402 Hyperion Fury wired mouse with 32-bit ARM processor is a gaming model that provides aimed shooting and allows you to evade heavy fire. The mouse instantly tracks movements and identifies the target with high accuracy. This provides a Delta Zero led sensor with a maximum resolution of 4000 dpi that can be adjusted and adjusted. The sensor is made by Fusion Engine technology, thanks to which the tracking speed is 500 inches per second.

Brand: Logitech

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The Hyperion Fury mouse features an optical sensor (based on Logitech’s Delta Zero technology) and a hybrid sensor built with our exclusive Fusion Engine technology. This increases the tracking speed to 500 inches per second.

  • For gaming
  • Ergonomic
  • Weight distribution
  • Value for money
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  • Gaming mouse with the best value for money
  • Good choice in setting DPI, from 250 to 4000
  • Lightning-fast response rate, just 1 ms
  • Ergonomic grip, suitable for both left and right handed users
  • Perfect for gaming, for work, and for graphics and photo editing
  • Minimal and pleasant design
  • One of the most valid economic mice on the market


  • DPI can be modified using the appropriate button, and not via software
  • Wheel too sensitive