Logitech G502

Type: wired
Points per inch: 200 – 12000 DPI

If you are a real gamer, who is never satisfied, our advice for you falls on this product. The best gaming mouse ever!

The Logitech G502 is a mouse designed for those of you who spend many hours playing online in a competitive way. Its ergonomics and features make it the best choice.

The optical sensor is one of the best for gaming mice, with an optical sensor capable of reaching 12000 DPI. The mouse DPI can be customized, and will allow you better versatility depending on the game and your habits. In addition, thanks to the high-speed optical sensor, you can always make precise and lightning-fast movements.

This Logitech is the best gaming mouse also thanks to 11 customizable keys, for very precise gaming actions. By doing so, you can be more competitive on any game genre, such as MMOs, FPS and RPGs. The Logitech G502 mouse is a guarantee of performance for all gamers!

And since the eye also wants its part, this G502 mouse has RGB LED lighting, which you can customize in the best way for you. The 16.8 million colors of this mouse are wonderful, and you just need to set them thanks to Logitech Gaming Software.

If you already have, or are thinking of buying other products from the Logitech Gaming range, know that the software allows you to synchronize the colors between the mouse and the other devices. For a better scenic effect! And then, ergonomics are unbeatable, especially designed for gamers who never get tired.

All this makes the Logitech G502 the top of the best gaming mice of 2019. You can also find it combined with a G240 or G440 mat. The reviews and opinions of the most experienced are positive, and our advice applies to everyone!

Logitech G502 Review
Logitech G502

Product Name: Logitech G502

Product Description: Wired Logitech Gaming Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum is a serious-level gaming weapon. The manipulator has an impressive level of cursor positioning accuracy, which provides an optical led sensor with a maximum resolution of 12000 dpi. You will be able to adjust the level of sensitivity: in the presence of 5 modes, with a resolution of 200 dpi. The mouse polling rate is 1000 Hz.

Brand: Logitech

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The advantage of the model is the ability to control the weight of the mouse: the package Logitech Gaming Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum includes 5 weights, the weight of each of which is 3.6 g. You can choose the number of installed weights and their installation location. The pleasure of using the mouse contributes to the programmable multi-color backlight.

  • For gaming
  • Ergonomic
  • Weight distribution
  • Value for money
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  • Best gaming mouse from 2019 for MOBA, FPS, MMO and more
  • Excellent PPE customization, up to 12000 DPI
  • Integrated 32-bit microcontroller
  • With programmable side buttons, 11 in total
  • Ergonomic shape designed to keep you from getting tired quickly
  • Equipped with RGB LEDs with 16.8 million colors, customizable via software
  • You can synchronize the LEDs with other Logitech Gaming devices


  • Being ergonomic, it is not suitable for left-handed people
  • Poor quality USB cable coating