Intel Core i5-7400

Processor speed: 3.0 GHz
Number of cores: 4

If you are looking for a good processor that achieves better performance than mid-range notebooks but spend much less, we recommend this product. It is ideal for creating an efficient computer without spending too much.

It will guarantee you really good performances both to play and to work without slowing down, thanks to the integrated Intel HD Graphics 630. The Intel Core i5-7400 is a great quad core of the seventh generation, with Kaby Lake architecture, which has a frequency of 3.0 GHz core. Like many other Intel, this i5 is also equipped with a Turbo Boost function, in order to increase the clock frequency up to a maximum of 3.5 GHz.

Being compatible with DDR4 RAM up to 2400 MHz, together with the 6 MB cache memory, it is very fast in daily use. Multitasking between multiple applications never gives problems and read and write operations take place faster.

The LGA 1151 socket on this i5 processor is very common, so you won’t have a problem finding a good motherboard for your computer. With the right configuration, you can use the most exceptional resolution, 4K, without problems. It is therefore an ideal processor to create an excellent mid-range PC, thanks also to its excellent price.

This processor is therefore perfect for those who do not want to save on graphics and efficient and top performance.

Intel Core i5-7400
Intel Core i5-7400

Product Name: Intel Core i5-7400

Product Description: Many people mistakenly consider the Core i5-7400 a weak processor, complaining about its low nominal frequency – only 3 GHz. The next chip in the model range i5-7500 operates at a frequency of 3.4 GHz, which is significantly higher (plus 400 MHz). But it is more correct to compare not the nominal frequency of processors, but the frequency of Turbo Boost for all four cores. At 7400 it is equal to 3.4 GHz, and at 7500 – 3.6 GHz. The advantage of 200 MHz is clearly not worth the overpayment and the best choice for your money is core i5-7400.

Brand: Intel

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Best of all, Core i5-7400 is suitable for building a gaming PC with a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, the potential of which even overclocked Core i3 does not reveal. However, even if you buy a graphics card for the first time easier, still do not stint on i5-7400, so that in the case of a future upgrade of the PC you do not have to think about replacing the processor.

  • For gaming
  • Easy to install
  • Comfort
  • Value for money
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  • Mid-range i5 processor with excellent integrated graphics, Intel HD 630
  • Able to reach 3.5 GHz with Turbo Boost
  • Socket LGA 1151 compatible with many motherboards
  • Compatible with 4K resolution
  • Compatible with DDR4 RAM up to 2400 MHz
  • Good energy consumption
  • The price is really advantageous


  • Not suitable for high-end uses
  • The basic 3 GHz is not the top among the most recent processors
  • Quad core good, but that is quickly becoming obsolete even in smartphones