Hictop 24V

A tip for a cheap printer little known but with excellent performance, is this model of the Hictop, not really famous brand in Italy but it still ranks among the best 3D printers that we happened to review … that’s why we decided to include it in our article !

It will be delivered to you disassembled and, therefore, totally to be assembled and calibrated … but, as for others among the best models of cheap 3D printer, this will be the only drawback that will take you a little time for only one time, and then you will live on income! In short, a little patience to save some money is a good compromise, isn’t it?

Our technicians have tried this economic model many times, testing the various functions and resistance, and the results obtained are definitely good. Among the various models of economical 3D printer, this is absolutely one of the best with regard to the quality of the prints.

The maximum printing size, the carefully designed parts and the automatic blocking of the operating process in case of lack of the filament, make the 24V of the Hictop a real gem of 3D, suitable for both professional and amateur use (children’s toys, etc. ).

Hictop 24V Review
Hictop 24V

Product Name: Hictop 24V

Product Description: 3D-printer Hictop 24V is made in a concise black color from high quality materials. The main purpose of this printer is prototyping various three-dimensional models. The Hictop 24V modular 3D printer is the perfect home 3D printer. Lightweight, compact and easy to assemble and operate. Simple and visual, like LEGO.

Brand: Hictop

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All elements and blocks of the printer are pre-assembled and tested at the factory. You need to collect all the blocks in a single device and connect them together. It does not require soldering and special tools: everything you need for Assembly and operation is supplied.

  • Speed
  • Value for money
  • Material quality
  • Client's trust
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  • Easy to assemble thanks to instructions and tutorials on the company’s YouTube channel
  • Suitable for all uses, from professional projects to that of everyday objects
  • The printer arrives supplied with a few meters of PLA filament, of random color
  • The size of the work area is among the largest on the market
  • Very high production quality for an economic model
  • Discreetly economical printer


  • The printing surface is not easy to level