Anycubic Upgraded Prusa I3

If you’re still looking for the best 3D printer with the lowest price and don’t know which one to buy, then you might want to take a look at the improved version of the AnyaCubic Prusa I3.

Born from the ashes of its older twin both in terms of hardware and software, this economical printer is much easier to assemble than the old model. Excellent for approaching the world of 3D printers, but usable even by the most expert, the Prusa I3 will arrive at home unassembled, but do not worry! The bags containing the various pieces are in fact numbered to help you better follow the assembly instructions … in short, it is a work of patience rather than skill!

As far as its technical specifications are concerned, it must be said that this is still a fairly inexpensive model, so the quality of its prints is very good, but it is not able to rival the best purely professional printers (those that are suitable also for dental technician prints, for example).

If you are looking for a cheap product that can combine good quality with a low price, you have found your new 3D printer! Could it be the best 3D printer for you?

Anycubic Upgraded Prusa I3 Review
Anycubic Upgraded Prusa I3

Product Name: Anycubic Upgraded Prusa I3

Product Description: 3D printer Prusa i3 Anycubic - ready set, which contains all the necessary details and allows in a short time easily and quickly build your own DIY devices. The basis of the design is an acrylic frame reinforced with a fixed metal rod, and the heated platform is covered with a special composite coating for improved adhesion, so that the final model is held firmly during printing.

Brand: Anycubic

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This 3D printer is optimized for PLA and ABS plastics, and the software has a clear interface and the presence of advanced settings. The highest precision of layering is provided by a light printhead. All of the above makes Anycubic i3 Prusa a great option for home use and small-scale production.

  • Speed
  • Value for money
  • Material quality
  • Client's trust
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  • Rather simple to assemble, the bags containing the objects are numbered
  • Also suitable for professional prints but designed for a more inexperienced audience
  • The heated plate favors the speed of operation
  • The variety of materials with which to print is excellent
  • It offers the best balance between quality and price among the models we offer you


  • The maximum resolution of the printed objects is not perfect
  • The printer is quite noisy