Anycubic Delta Rostock

If you are approaching the world of 3D printers for the first time, and need advice for a cheap but competitive printer, then Anycubic’s Delta Rostock can really do for you. Its value for money is absolutely enviable!

This model arrives disassembled in a kit, with very simple and understandable instructions that you will certainly not struggle to understand. If desired, there is also a Youtube channel of the company with special videos to help you better understand the assembly process. Even the customer support of Anycubic is really courteous and ready to answer all your questions.

After several tests, we can safely say that after the product has been assembled and calibrated, it will be possible to print the first pieces after just under 4 hours. The final quality is really high, and filament refills can be found very easily even online.

Anycubic Delta Rostock Review
Anycubic Delta Rostock

Product Name: Anycubic Delta Rostock

Product Description: One of the best Delta printers. Rigid design the aluminum rails. Vertical rails are much more reliable than round guides used earlier. The Chinese did not save on components, thanks to the simplicity of the design managed to keep the price low.

Brand: Anycubic

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It is a cheap Delta printer, designed to print even higher objects than the most common Cartesian 3D printers: it is in fact a model built on a triangular base, which extends in height instead of in cubic form, like most printers 3D.

  • Speed
  • Value for money
  • Material quality
  • Client's trust
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  • Simple to assemble
  • Suitable for both do-it-yourself and more professional objects
  • Technology that allows you to print taller objects than other printers
  • The best affordable 3D printer for academic level objects
  • Anycubic’s assistance is very attentive to customer needs
  • Ready to use in less than 4 hours after calibration
  • Very silent


  • Assembly instructions are in English
  • Operating speed is not the best on the market